The Empire Shall Rise From the Graves of the Old Kings.

Welcome back to the World of a Few, players! This campaign will take place in the custom campaign world originally jointly designed by myself and Tyler Reading for use with his Labyrinth Lord/D&D 4e campaign. I am adapting and reviving the setting for use with D&D 5e.

This will be the place where you may find custom races, alternate class features, campaign-specific backgrounds, and new spells. I will also make a particular effort to update this Portal to include recently acquired character lore as you explore this ancient and storied world.

So far, resources for this campaign will include the D&D 5e Player’s Handbook as well as the free Basic PDF offered by Wizards of the Coast. Some material may not be appropriate to the setting, so I encourage you to begin your quest HERE.

House Rules pertaining to gameplay, rather than character generation, can be found HERE.

Exploration of the setting itself can begin HERE.

Let’s begin!

Adventures in the World of a Few

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