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  • Rudemarch

    h2. Regions of the Rudemarch *[[Deepwood Region|Deepwood]]* *[[Red Bear Region|Red Bear/King's Wood]]* --- [[Geography]] [[Main Page]] [[Home Page]]

  • Deepwood Region

    North of the Long Lakes, the Deepwood area is surrounded by the Blackened Forest, a claustrophobic pine forest that covers moors and swamps to the east and west and the Bluefinger Hills to the north. The town of [[Deepwood]] is a trading center set in the …

  • Red Bear Region

    Located to the east of [[Deepwood]], Red Bear is a small lumbering town set along the Turgost River in the center of three large woods: the King's Wood, the South Wood, and the Witch's Wood. [[Silvermarsh]] separates the two areas and contributes to Red …

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