Deepwood Region

North of the Long Lakes, the Deepwood area is surrounded by the Blackened Forest, a claustrophobic pine forest that covers moors and swamps to the east and west and the Bluefinger Hills to the north. The town of Deepwood is a trading center set in the middle of this forest where the trade road crosses the Ergantine River which flows down to Long Lakes. The trade road runs between Deepwood all the way north to the notorious Blue Finger itself. The trade road is maintained both by the Grimhammer Clan which recently repatriated the Blue Finger, the traders and merchants carrying trade stock north from Deepwood, and the four small villages that supply timber, food, and animal goods to Deepwood and the Blue Finger.

Local History

The area was once under the dominion of the Breakshield Clan of duergar presiding from within the Blue Finger and spreading as far south as the Ergantine Tributary. However, during the Second Epoch amid the turmoil surrounding the War of the First Kinsmen, the Thane of the Breakshields amassed a military force and sought to use the opportunity to gain complete control of Long Lakes. Unfortunately for the Thane and the Breakshield Clan, they vastly underestimated the military swiftness of the Old King Windyr and were routed. The Breakshields were beaten back all the way to the Blue Finger, and siege was laid upon them for an entire generation of mankind. When the war settled, and the First Kinsmen established full sovereignty of their kingdoms, the vengeful King Windyr set his sights on the Breakshields and banished them and their Thane from the region under threat of total annihilation. The duergar fled the area completely, but vowed to return in force.

In the interim, the power of the kingdom which Windyr founded (even as his bloodline diminished and disappeared inside the mottled bloodlines of the Imperials, and even later as the heroes of the newly-minted Bard dynasty took hold of civic authority in Long Lakes) expanded all throughout the known lands of the Rudemarch, including the Deepwood Region. Deepwood was founded on the ruins of an old abandoned duergar colony near the Ergastine River. There it remains to this day.

As the Old Kings grew in strength, the idle threats of the now decimated Breakshield Clan diminished, so that it was not until the decline of the Old Kings began that the duergar returned. This time, they came under different intentions and under a different name. The Grimhammer Clan, sharing a lineage with the now forgotten Breakshields and having lost their own city to giants, returned only a dwarf-generation ago to the Blue Finger and claimed their presumably abandoned ancestral home. They opened trade immediately to Deepwood and established the trade road. Under this arrangement, Deepwood and the Blue Finger have both thrived and expanded modestly. The Sklar of Silvermarsh have even begun to trade simple goods in Orbrist (one of the Deepwood Sisters.)

Features of the Deepwood Region

Blackened Forest — the massive, dense pine forest that dominates the Deepwood Region.
Bluefinger Hills — the uncultivated hills-lands north of the Deepwood Region and the pine forests of the Blackened Forest.
Deepwood — the modest trade city that is the primary man-made feature of the Blackwood Region.
Deepwood Sisters — four small villages (Blackharp, Kresinmoor, Lewfeld, and Orbrist) that rest along the trade road and supply animal goods, timber, and food to Deepwood and Grimhammer.
Ergastine River — the large, lazy river that feeds all the way from the mountains northeast of the Blackened Forest, through the Bluefinger Hills, and into the Long Lakes
Grimhammer/The Blue Finger — this is home to the Grimhammer clan of Duergar to the north.
Silvermarsh — this is the larger of the two low wetlands of the Deepwood Region. A small but thriving Sklar community resides there.
Trade Road — the unnamed trade road between Deepwood and Grimhammer.
Trollmoors — a smallish peat-moor sporting excellent farmlands due east of their proximity. It is believed to be infested with Trolls, though the villagers in Lewfeld don’t seem to notice.

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Deepwood Region

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