The Men of the Nine & Ten Kingdoms:

The Estvildi — the metropolitan folk of Estvilden traditionally made of the native Periffin and the Aurandor (along with long lost Mula Kuol peoples) that settled there in the time of the Empire.
Merihm — seafarers originally hailing from the free states of the northwestern peninsula and the Red Coast. Though they are small in number, their influence is vast because of the sophisticated sea trade networks which only they maintain.
Metisihm — rugged folk descended from the Vanhaihm that settled the Green Sea in the early days of mankind.
Mula Kuol – the natives of Valendor mostly absorbed or destroyed by the Vanhaihm. Originally consisting of thirteen tribes, only ruins remain of their once vast network of small but persistent communities. Several of the “mourning folk” descend from the Mula Kuol.
Ragaihm — the “lost Voyagers”. In the days before the exodus of the Vanhaihm, the progenitors of this folk voyaged from Eden but were stranded on the island of Magdascus only to be “discovered” well after the Third Epoch.
Tasanihm — the most prolific folk native to the plainslands and riverways of Valendor and the most diverse of the descendants of the Vanhaihm.
Vanhaihm — “old folk”, the proto non-natives of Valendor that arrived from over the sea from Eden and warred for generations against the Mula Kuol, eventually overcoming them or assimilating them over several millennia.
The Yeti — a rugged mercurial mountain-folk known for their brutal rituals and suspicious nature.

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