The West: Nine and Ten Kingdoms of Men

Abelheim — the colossus in the mountains.
Alucardia — the duchy of black night.
Black Marsh — the Sklar-lands.
Estvilden — the jewel of the west.
Glowering Fields — the wild plains.
Jääd Katkera — the bitter-dreamt mountains.
Magdascus — the isle of the lost men.
Nordsfar — the country of wolves.
Sothelheim — the land of shifting rivers.
Rhagast Arth — the crumbling seat of the old empire.
Rudemarch — the long lakes.
Vihreäkottiin — the everlasting gardens.
Vistlunder — the young kingdom.
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The South: the Old Empire Across the Sea

Black Lands
Infinite Jungle

The East: The Lost Lands

Sea of Shifting Sands
Serpent’s Road
Mystic Empire

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