The Sklar


The Sklar (or “lizard-men” are they are collectively known) are a race of bipedal sentient reptilian humanoids whose history and traditions predate even the empire, and perhaps stretch all the way back to the Dawn of the West. Folklore claims that when the land was wetter, hotter, and less colonized, the Sklar ruled unchallenged from shore to shore and even beyond. The Sklar have never forgotten their decline from such grace.

Many Faces Make the Maw

The Sklar come in unprecedented variety and families are separated by easily demarcated physical attributes such as tail size, head fins (or lack thereof), and the size of their heads. The variety of their type does not act as a catalyst for infighting, however, and they are remarkably monocultural even with such large geographical differences. A common belief in an Immortal underworld of the damned referred to as an anthropomorphic mouth (the Maw) shows solidarity in their beliefs and customs: “Many Faces Make the Maw.”

Secretive, Suspicious, and Deathly Serious

The Sklar have made themselves an asset to the West through barter and trade. They are the most ancient masters of this land and know it better than almost anyone. As such, their ability to traverse the land efficiently, as well as avoid hazardous pitfalls about which only they could know aforehand has given them unparalleled mobility in the west. Small enclaves and family units reside nearby to almost any modestly sized human settlement, though the mysterious Black Swamp region is the ancestral home (and the seat of ancestral power) for each and every individual abroad. People fear them, but most of all, they respect their penchant for fair dealing and civil traditions when abroad.

Sklar Names

The Sklarii language is unpronounceable to any being not possessing the slithering serpentine tongue of the lizard-men themselves, and so it is nearly impossible for others to understand. Sklar names can sometimes seem to the uninitiated as a string of senseless consonants, but they are often quite beautiful when spoken by a native voice.

Sklar Names: Zzslthlar (Zaz-el-thlar), Izzuz (Eye-Zeus), Mstylx (Mi-Still-icks), and more.

Sklar Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Constitution Score increases by 2 and your Wisdom Score increases by 1.
Age: The Sklar go through a period of rapid growth after a brief hatchling stage. They live roughly as long as humans, but reach maturity as early as 10 years of age.
Alignment: The Sklar have no engendering towards either Law or Chaos and run the gamut as broadly as human beings. However, their ethical standards are largely incomparable to typical social mores, and some of their methods of ritual worship and corporal punishment could easily lead folks to believe that they were, at times, evil.
Size: Lizard-men tend towards being just a hair taller than men, and usually weigh around 200 pounds. You are a Medium creature.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Cold-Blooded: As a creature of the warm, wet swamps native to the south of the West, you are particularly weak against cold. You have Vulnerability to Cold. When traveling in cold climes, you may only travel at half speed and for only up to 4 hours at a stretch.
Survivor in the Swamps: You can breathe underwater for up to 5 minutes and can see clearly in rain and fog (they do not count as light obscurement for you). Swamps and wetlands do not count as difficult terrain for you. You have a swim speed equal to your current movement speed minus 10’. You only need to imbibe half a gallon of water per day to avoid feeling the effects of dehydration. You also take no penalty when traveling in hot or arid climes. You gain proficiency in the Wisdom (Survival) skill. When hiding in a dense forest or swamp environment, your scales change color to suit the surrounding environment. Any creature attempting to find you has Disadvantage on their Wisdom (Perception) tests so long as you remain still.
Venom: You produce a natural venom which you can use to poison enemies that move too close to you. You have a natural resistance to this venom and those like it, and gain Advantage on Constitution tests versus poison as well as Resistance to poison damage. You can use the Poisonous Bite attack.
Poisonous Bite: Once per short rest, as a bonus action, you may make an unarmed melee attack against a creature within range. On a hit, you deal 1d4 piercing damage, and the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw, at DC 8 + your Constitution modifier + your Proficiency bonus. On a failure, they are Poisoned. At the beginning of your target’s turns, they may make another Constitution saving throw at the same DC to end the Poison effect. While Poisoned, the target has Disadvantage on his further saving throws (but not the first).
Natural Weapons: You are considered to be proficient with your unarmed attacks, which cause 1d4 slashing damage. You may also, if granted a second attack via a class feature or as a Bonus action you may attempt to trip a target using your tail. Your target must make a Dex save with the DC being 10+your Str mod+your Proficiency bonus or fall prone.
Languages: You speak, read, and write in Common and Sklarii.

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