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The Kings of Old Are Gone

The World of a Few story deals with an area known simply as the West. The land is a mostly temperate, untamed mass bordered to the west and south by the sea. Before the dawn of written lore it was occupied by the Mula Kuol, an indigenous and peace-loving people, as well as The Sklar. Sometime, after their exile from their holy garden, the Vanhaihm landed on the western shores, and began a bloody campaign which spread them throughout the region. After generations of colonization, where the greatest heroes and the Immortals of the Vanhaihm established themselves all over the continent, the mighty Empire from the Southlands began its long ascent into power in the West. The Empire brought with it magic, which it used at first to gain the wonder, awe, and trust of the First Kinsmen, but eventually corrupted and subjugated them. The Empire built a great many things with its newfound power, including the Jewel of the West in Estvilden, but it became oppressive and paranoid before collapsing against the sheer will of the gathering armies of the Old Kings. The Old Kings and their dynasties prospered in a golden age having overthrown the Empire and banned a great many of its practices, but have since fallen into decadence and ruin whose remnants of greatness are scattered throughout the wilderness.

People of the West

The people of the West are many and varied, but have developed quite differently since the relative hegemony of the Old Kings and the Empire before them. In short, the world is mostly comprised of mankind in all of his variations, but also includes:

  • The Mystrii (Quiet-men or Gypsies) traveling the countryside in nomadic bands and prolonging a mysterious ancient tradition that predates even the Empire.
  • The Rhodanthe (Rat-men) living on the fringes of most urban trading centers in the south.
  • The Sklar (Lizard-men) hunting, breeding, and protecting the borders of their swamps, marshes, moors, and forests.
  • Half-orcs finding themselves stranded forlorn, often as escaped slaves from the brutal lands far south of the West where the Elder Ways still thrive.
  • The Duergar (Dwarves) delving deeper and deeper for riches and treasure. Reclusive, they care not for the history or trials of men and other denizens of the surface, and are rarely taken as company among them.

For game information on playable races, classes, and backgrounds click HERE.

Tales of the West & Waiting

The history of the West is long indeed and is filled with tales of heroes, legends of ancient Immortals, rumors of fell beasts, and fables of mythic dawnings and dusks. Often, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in the historical annals of this world, but it is rare indeed for a tale of any glorious quest to be fabricated wholesale. A nugget of wisdom often lies in the center of most tales, and the lore of the West is no exception.

Where The Wild Meets the Walls

The West was once heavily colonized and regarded as a model of civilization in the days of the Empire before its fall, but it has since grown wild. It’s valleys, caves, and natural features have been discovered, lost, and rediscovered multiple times since the coming of men upon the shores of this once pure landscape. From these days of imperial colonization, the basic layout of the West is well known, but there are secrets in the crevices, and untold histories in the rocks the further one treks from the old trade routes and established towns and villages.

Otherwise, in the days of the Old Kings, the West was divided into the Nine and Ten Kingdoms of Men whose ancient (and often arbitrary) borders still divide the natural features of the West into 19 “regions”. Most of these are no longer kingdoms, but once were, and retain the names given to them in the time of the Kings: Abelheim, Alucardia, The Estvilden, The Glowering Fields, Rhagast Arth, The Rudemarch, VihreƤkottiin, and others.

Although the gameplay for this campaign will take place mostly in the West, it bears mentioning that there lies a vast desert to the east, beyond which the world is completely unknown. The southern continent is known to be inhabited by whatever remains of the Empire that collapsed, but information regarding the distant south amounts largely to no more than the hearsay of escaped slaves, pirates, and traders.

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