The Yeti


The “Yeti”, to which they are affectionately referred, are a culture of savage, barbaric peoples that roam the cold mountains of the north. Their tradition of toughness, honor, and survivalism has made them fierce and powerful, if a little backwards in the eyes of the civilized peoples south of the mountains and moors that they call home. It is falsely believed by those that never venture far enough north to bear witness to their ancient holdfasts that the Yeti are nomads. Though it is not uncommon for the Yeti to retreat within ancient bastions set deep within ancient mountain caves during the harshest winter months, they tend the land and pay fealty to their nobility much like their southern counterparts during the bulk of the year. Their close-knit communities that share common resources and are notoriously conservative and ascetic lead some to find them to be close-minded and savage, but that is a very myopic interpretation of their ancient culture.

The “Yeti” are so called because of the brutal ritualistic practice of “Ygg-rak-stargr”, or the “hunting of the tamed.” In this ritual, the young people that have come of age are forced to hunt, kill, skin, and then return back with the meat, bones, and furs of a tribe of lesser Yeti. The purpose of this ritual, to hear them tell it, is to weed out the weakest of the beasts in order to perfect their bloodline. As such, this ritual has incidentally bred the once kind and helpful yeti-men of lore into savage, barbaric beasts of carnage and rampage.

The Yeti folk are suspicious of magic and make no real effort to understand it. They fear warlocks in particular, but maintain a healthy respect for Druids. They maintain the most primal traditions of the ancestral warrior culture of the Old Kings and revere their own idiosyncratic Immortals (the ancient chiefs of men that led them to the West from worlds beyond the sea.) Their origins are unclear at best, with many speculating that they actually contemporaries of the Mula Kuol and others insisting that they are the purest representation of the Vanahaim themselves. Whatever might be the case, their culture has remained largely unchanged since the end of the First Epoch.

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The Yeti

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